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Week 16: Random sampling

See the bottom of this page for this weeks Challenges. The index page for the sampling lesson is somewhat incomplete.


This week's videos and exercises are brand spankin' newly created by me! Lots of mistakes to find.

The data life cycle

  • Reading and challenge. This has a bit of motivational text. Do the "Is it available?" challenge in the data archiving section.

Loading spatial data

This lesson uses some spatial datasets so this page describes how to get them into R.

Random sampling in space


There are 3 challenges to turn in this week. All of them are on this page

Copy and paste the R code solving each challenge into a text file saved as week15_yourlastname.R and attach that file to your submission. This Assignment is due on Friday of Week 16 (April 29) at 5 pm. Late assignments will receive a score of zero unless prior approval is granted.